Our Guide to Adventure Group Tours in Branson, Missouri

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Scenic Mountain Views Near Branson, Missouri

Branson as a destination is so much more than music. Our area contains gorgeous scenery and rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains, which geologists believe were once a very tall plateau left behind after a shallow sea and swampland receded. Over hundreds of millions of years, gradual erosion left behind the current landscape filled with hills, valleys, rivers, and caves.

Many places in and around Branson take advantage of the rolling hills to give us humans an adrenaline rush. Many group tour leaders talk about how they have active groups and love adventure-based travel.

Branson offers enormous opportunities for adventure seekers!

Add Ziplines in Branson for Your Adventure Group Tour

No fewer than four zipline parks take you through the canopies of huge deciduous trees while getting you close to nature. One zipline park lets you soar over the city itself.

At Wolfe Mountain Branson, getting there is half the fun. Once you break through the canopy, you get a view found nowhere else. Explore the Ozarks as you soar through the sky and high-five a few trees.

Inspiration Tower at Shepherd of the Hills reaches a top speed of 50 miles per hour with a vertical drop of 370 feet, traveling 2,370 feet in total. You soar over Highway 76 and plenty of gorgeous landscape.

Adventure Ziplines of Branson feature seven ziplines and three rope bridges through the hills and valleys just a few blocks from Highway 76 on Gretna Road.

There’s also a zipline that goes over the waterfront at Branson Landing and another one at Indian Point.

Mountain Biking Trails in Branson, Missouri

Branson features some fantastic mountain biking trails! From beginner to advanced, the scenic hills and countryside offer plenty of challenges for all skill levels. 

One of the newest attractions in Branson is Howler Bike Park, a gravity-focused park with challenging terrain and tricky jumps for advanced riders. The well-received new addition to Branson, which opened in the spring of 2022 just outside of Walnut Shade. The facility has several trails and is rated five stars on Google.

The White River Valley Trail System at Table Rock State Park ranges from 1,200 feet above sea level to 710 feet above sea level, offering plenty of diverse terrain for beginners to advanced riders.

Table Rock Lake Adventures

As you might imagine, there are plenty of watersports for thrill seekers, and many lakeside businesses cater to groups who have a need for speed. Check out personal watercraft rentals, waterskiing, and wakeboarding on our beautiful lake.

A couple of dive centers take you to the best scuba spots on the lake to explore the murky depths. Indian Point Dive Center can charter your scuba adventure anywhere on the lake. White River Adventures can also take you on a dive charter. If you’re an experienced diver and have your own equipment, just about anywhere on Table Rock Lake provides excellent dive opportunities, including a few wrecks. Just check out YouTube to see what you’ll be getting into!

Roller Coasters Abound at Silver Dollar City

Let’s not forget the roller coasters! All of the best are at Silver Dollar City, where you’ll be glued into your seat thanks to multiple G-forces as your coaster twists, turns, elevates, and inverts along rides that last up to two minutes. The theme park has five super-fast coasters as well as a couple of gravity drops and a giant barn swing.

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