Let’s Talk About Branson FAMs

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Tour Group Bus in Front of Grand Country Music Hall

Let’s Talk About Branson FAMs

Quick question: Have you ever been to Branson, Missouri? 

I am amazed at how many tour operators and group tour leaders do such an effective and profitable job at selling our destination, yet they haven’t ever been here themselves. 

Then we have some tour leaders who struggle to convey the destination to their clients because they are met with objections. 

These are the most common ones:

  • Isn’t Branson just for seniors?
  • My group is really active and wants a more adventure-based tour.
  • My clients like education-based travel.
  • Aren’t the shows all country music? We really prefer different styles of live music.

I have heard all of these objections during countless appointment sessions. 

My answer is always, “Oh dear, you haven’t been to Branson lately have you?”

We share a chuckle because the majority of tour operators I speak to have not. 

I bring this up because you may unaware that Branson, Missouri, hosts several educational FAMs (familiarization tours) yearly.

Branson Hosts Several Educational FAMs a Year in Spring and Summer

Our Branson CVB hosts a FAM in April every year before May kicks into high gear. One of the premier hoteliers in Branson, Myer Hotels, also hosts a wonderful FAM annually in the fall after the busy tourist season winds down.

In fact, we have the Myers FAM coming up in September. 

In addition, other group sales managers around town host specific FAMs geared towards various segments of the group tour industry. 

You’ll be interested in a FAM if you have customers who specialize in:

  • Music education
  • Religious groups
  • Student travel

There are so many opportunities to join us and learn more about our city and everything it has to offer. All it does it help you become effective at selling a domestic destination in America’s Heartland.

What You Learn at Our Branson FAMs 

During these FAMs you learn about Branson’s world-class golf as well as high-end and economy travel. 

Along the way you’ll get to:

  • Visit several hotels for site tours 
  • See some of the majestic beauty of Ozark Mountain country
  • Eat at some of the many local restaurants that cater specifically to the group tour market
  • Experience some of our newest attractions
  • Sit in the audience for Branson’s specialty, our world-class live music and entertainment. 

You’ll also attend networking dinners and lunches where we get to build relationships with you all. 

My Favorite Part of Branson FAMS

My favorite part of these FAMs happens on the last morning when we participate in an appointment marketplace. You’ll pair up with Branson’s finest sales teams in 10-minute appointments. The appointment marketplace gives you the opportunity to sit down in front of the face you will be working with to plan your next tour to Branson. You can ask all the questions in person! 

Join Us for the Next Branson FAM!

We would love to have you join us for a FAM in the near future! Branson is always growing and evolving to fit our guests’ needs and wants. Showing off all we have to offer and helping you overcome the objections you may get is much easier once you have seen and experienced this gem of the Ozarks. 

If you are interested in information on FAMs, simply contact me at heleena@grandcountry.com or you can go to the following websites for more information as well. 

Branson CVB FAM (April 2023) – www.explorebranson.com 

Myer Hotels FAM (September 2022) – www.BransonFAM.com or email Kathy Baltajy, kathy@myerhotels.com 

We hope to hear from you soon!