Branson Live Music Cast Spotlight: Mike Patrick, Emcee

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Mike Patrick Branson Show Awards 2022

For decades, Grand Country Music Hall has been entertaining visitors to Branson, MO, with its unique brand of music, comedy, and family-friendly fun. And at the center of it all is Mike Patrick, our emcee and show producer, who has been guiding audiences through our shows for 20 years and counting!

Born in Southwest Missouri

Mike has been a Branson-area native his whole life, growing up in Nixa, Missouri, and receiving a bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University. He originally intended to use his degree to become a news anchor but fell in love with the stage at an early age.

The church Mike grew up in was also the church that most of the Baldknobber cast attended, so he got to see the behind-the-scenes of showbiz life and met many people in the industry as just a kid.

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Mike’s Start in Branson

Mike began working for Silver Dollar City at age 16, performing as one of the train robbers on the famous train ride. He also performed several times a day at the popular saloon show at the park.

He started playing piano for the Foggy River Boys, one of Branson’s earliest music shows, at age 20. After graduating college, he took a full-time position with Silver Dollar City in an office job. But it wouldn’t be long before he was drawn back to the stage. 

While at Silver Dollar City, Mike produced several popular events and music shows, including Echo Hollow’s notable show, Sundown Jubilee. Some of his events included the National Kids Festival and the Great American Music Festival.

Grand Country

In 2003, Mike joined us at Grand Country Music Hall, accepting the position of Director of Entertainment and Events. Mike currently produces and emcees several of Grand Country’s popular live music shows, including the signature Grand Jubilee and Branson Country USA.

As soon as you walk into the music hall, you can feel the warmth and energy that Mike brings to the stage. His friendly banter with the audience sets the tone for the evening, making everyone feel like they’re part of the show. Mike has an infectious charm that keeps the audience engaged and entertained.

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Live Music With Branson’s Grand Country

See Mike Patrick Emcee at the Grand Jubilee or Branson Country USA shows live at Grand Country. Contact us or call 417-335-2484, and we’ll get back to you.