5 Types of Group Tours in Branson You Might Not Think Of

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Table Rock Dam in Branson, Missouri

Group tours coming through Branson, Missouri, offer an affordable way for groups of any age, from youth up to seniors, to take a relaxing, or even active and fun-filled, vacation in our beautiful city.

Discover five types of group tours for Branson, Missouri, that you might not think of when it comes to spending your vacation here.

1. Youth & Student Group Tours in Branson

Branson isn’t just for seniors, and there are plenty of group tour options for youth, youth groups, and student groups visiting Branson. 

Plenty of places in Branson offer kid-friendly fun. There is, of course, the Grand Country Resort with mini-golf, laser tag, go-karts, an indoor waterpark, a huge buffet, and lodging.

Silver Dollar City is a theme park with plenty to do for an entire day with roller coasters, fantastic food, and hundreds of hidden nooks and crannies throughout the park.

Aquarium at the Boardwalk is one of the newest attractions in Branson, offering a unique jellyfish infinity room, a coral reef environment with sharks and rays, and a tunnel that makes it seem like you’re walking underwater.

The Branson Ferris Wheel gives you stupendous views of the surrounding countryside you won’t find anywhere else.

The Branson Scenic Railway is a real treat with daily jaunts throughout the Ozark Mountains as you journey on a vintage passenger train being pulled by a diesel engine from the 1950s.

If students are interested in having a volunteer-based trip, plenty of organizations in Branson offer volunteer opportunities. The parks and recreation department, churches, AARP, and the local hospital all have volunteer opportunities if you have a service-based youth group taking a trip to Branson. 

2. Adventure Group Tours in Branson

A lot of group tour leaders talk about how they have really active groups and love adventure-based travel.

Branson offers enormous opportunities for adventure seekers!

No fewer than three zipline parks take you through the canopies of huge deciduous trees while getting you close to nature. One zipline park lets you soar over the city itself.

Branson features some fantastic mountain biking trails! From beginner to advanced, the scenic hills and countryside offer plenty of challenges for all skill levels. One of the newest attractions in Branson is Howler Bike Park, a gravity-focused park with challenging terrain and tough jumps for advanced riders.

If water adventures are your group’s thing, Table Rock Lake businesses provide waterskiing equipment, jet skis, tubing, and wakeboards. A few dive centers take you to the best scuba spots on the lake to explore the murky depths.

Pro tip: Did you know that group tours don’t have to be fleets of gigantic, 50-passenger buses? If you have a smaller group of 10 to 20 that fits nearly in a passenger shuttle, places around town can cater to smaller groups, too!

3. Sports Group Tours in Branson

Did you know Branson is a sports haven? If your tour group wants to focus on sports, 

Ballparks of America is the premier destination for youth baseball tournaments in the Midwest. It features two-third scale replicas of five Major League Baseball stadiums on artificial turf. 

We also have a sports memorabilia store in town, three nearby lakes for sport fishing when you want to test your skills for trout or bass, and watersports galore.

Did you know Branson has more than 200 holes of golf? All of them are incredibly scenic. Thousand Hills has been a Branson staple for decades. Top of the Rock is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Course. Payne’s Valley is the first public golf course designed by Tiger Woods. Branson Hills has also been around for many years. Rounding out your golf experience in Branson are Ledgestone Country Club and Ozark National (designed by Ben Crenshaw).

If miniature golf is your thing, Grand Country has an indoor golf course for you to enjoy. There are more than a dozen other miniature golf facilities in the area, all of which offer new challenges at every hole.

The Branson Recreation Complex has several opportunities for boating, swimming, and biking.

If your group wants a sports-based vacation, Branson has plenty to fill your week!

4. Education Group Tours in Branson

We hear how groups want education-based travel when they come to Branson. Table Rock Dam was built in the 1950s, and the visitor center and museum explains how the massive project was constructed. Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery lets you see how the Missouri Department of Conservation helps keep local waterways stocked with fish.

College of the Ozarks features the Ralph Foster Museum in Point Lookout. There, you’ll see plenty of historical exhibits and artifacts that showcase Ozarks’ culture among three floors of space.

The aforementioned Branson Scenic Railway lets you step back in time to when cross-country train travel was the norm.

Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City provides spelunkers with a unique view of the Ozarks’ underground.

Specialty museums in Branson abound:

Shipwrecked Treasure Museum houses artifacts found from various undersea expeditions sponsored by National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Titanic Museum Attraction showcases what it would have been like as a passenger on the ill-fated luxury liner.

World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex lets you walk down memory lane to your childhood with more than 1 million toys from the 1800s to the present thanks to six separate exhibition halls in one complex.

Branson Celebrity Car Museum hosts more than 100 iconic movie and TV show vehicles, including a life-size Lightning McQueen, a Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine, KITT, and a Batmobile from the 1960s TV show. There’s also the Branson Auto & Farm Museum featuring classic cars and tractors.

For those who are musically inclined, did you know some performers in Branson offer classes? If you have someone who wants to learn about the business or art of music entertainment, some theaters offer behind-the-scenes tours and opportunities for people who want to learn the trade.

5. Music Group Tours in Branson

Don’t all theaters in Branson just play country music?


We get that question a lot from group tour leaders.

Branson has a wide variety of musical tastes for groups who want to sample what we have to offer.

Grand Country Music Hall features an eclectic mix of rock n’ roll, country, and gospel during our Grand Jubilee at 7:30 p.m.

Other theaters have families who have been singing bluegrass for 50 years while youngsters in their teens carry on the family tradition. There are plenty of tribute bands who sing popular tunes from the superstars of the ‘50s all the way through the ‘90s. 

If you have a particular musical leaning, Branson has that style in town for you to enjoy.

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